Mosquito Magnet Traps


The Mosquito Magnet range of traps is perfect for munching up midges in Scotland, together with their biting cousins further afield.  The traps convert bottled propane gas into carbon dioxide through a catalytic process, producing exactly the right amount of moisture, heat and carbon dioxide to mimic a warm-blooded mammalian blood-meal host. Biting insects are attracted to the machine, where they are vacuumed into a secure net through a unique, patented counterflow technology. 

Several models are available to fit your budget, area to be protected and the density of midges (or other biting insects) where the trap is to be sited.  All share the same baseline features which have been developed over 18 years of research to maximise the traps’ efficiency, including:

  • Specific to biting insects: doesn't harm bees, butterflies or other beneficial insects
  • Simple assembly and constructed of sturdy, weather-proof material
  • One button easy start-up
  • Easy to read diagnostic panel
  • Highly visible collection bags, for easy inspection & emptying
  • Quiet & odourless
  • One-year Limited Warranty

Trap comparison:

 Model Pioneer Independence Executive
Basic package price £499 £899 £1,199
Power A/C Power cord 4 x "C" batteries Rechargeable battery
Net size Small Medium Large
Wheeled base Y Y
LCD display Y
Fuel-saving technology Y
Conclusion Good for a small garden with a low midge density Versatile, effective machine for medium insect pressure High-tech machine for large areas based on "Smart Technology" for maximum efficiency


All models come in two different packages:

The Basic Package includes:

  • Free delivery (UK, Northern Ireland, Eire)
  • 1 net and 1 octenol cartridge
  • FREE laminated Midge Habitat Identifier to help maximise the benefit from your trap (written by Smidge's own resident midge expert, Dr Alison Blackwell)
  • FREE solar light to place under the system to maximise the catch at night
  • FREE gas bottle cover
  • FREE bottle of Smidge; Scotland's favourite midge repellent
Or why not upgrade to the Full Season Package, which includes all of the above in addition to the following essential consumables to get you through a full midge season:
  • 3-unit pack of octenol attractant
  • Replacement net
  • 3-unit pack of CO2 for routine cleaning of the system